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  • He likes to read dystopian literature and sometimes takes himself too seriously. He also delivers medicine on a bicycle, and makes websites and books.

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    Inter-Networked Spiritualism

    The Digital Shaman is an individual who is grounded in both the digital and physical worlds. They guide others from birth into the digital realm, where they can be confronted with the traumatic reality of their future fragmented virtual selves. They stem from the traditional shaman as guide and healer, taking lessons and energies from the transcendental realm by entering into states of altered consciousness.

    Digital Shamanism documents the process of living in two simultaneous realities: the digital and the physical. These realities confront and fracture one another, straining our minds and our spirits. Through rituals and journeys into digital realms, the Digital Shaman learns to exists as a conduit between these realities to bring back knowledge from deep within the network.

    Western scientific empiricism has denied the benefit and efficacy of traditional shamanism as a psychological and spiritual healing practice. It has also denied the validity of these magical realms whilst simultaneously constructing it’s own digital spiritual network.

    Our bodies and minds are digitalised from pre-birth. We are forced into the network to exist eternally. It is therefore essential that we learn how and where we float through this realm in order to embrace both realities in the hope that we can once again exist grounded and whole.


    True Cost

    Our systems of governance treat economic value with a Devine right. It has absolute power. Any contest to its sovereignty is considered a direct threat that is met with swift and ruthless retribution. The human body is a mere byproduct in the system’s desire for economic growth and stability. It is abused and exploited for capital gain. How can we empower ourselves and our bodies in a system that values money above all else?

    We must become financial objects.

    How then, would the perception of our bodies change when we are confronted with its financial value? Would we take better care of our bodies with the knowledge that every lifestyle decision we made had financial repercussions?

    The process of commodification is sterile, abstract and devoid of the organic complexities of humanity. We become a series of normalised and numericised products that disconnect us from their true purpose. It makes us the producer, maintainer and distributer - a holding cell ready for future customers, securing the health and wellbeing of the product. When the body is distilled down to its disjointed financial components we loose the essence of the human.


    HUMAN TISSUE ACT 2004 (2017)

    32 Commercial dealings in human material for transplant

    (1) The following activities shall be lawful when - (a) both the vendor and the user consent to the transaction in accordance with section 3,
    (b) the reward has been received by the vendor before the transplant has taken place.

    (2) A person commits an offence if he supplies false information regarding - (a) the quality of the product, or
    (b) his current state of health.

    (3) In the case where the product is being transferred between vendor and user - (a) the product remains the property of the vendor, and
    (b) any persons responsible for handling the product are liable to damages sustained to the product.

    (4) The product is considered property of the user once - (a) the product has been implanted into the user, and
    (b) the transaction is complete.

    (5) Where the vendor concerned is deceased, if - (a) the product is gifted to person or organised in a will, and in accordance with section 5, subsection (3), material is considered product. In this case, property rights are reserved for the gifted vendor;
    (b) the product is not stated in a will, available material will be regarded as being altruistically donated so will receive no reward.

    (6) For the purposes of this section, product includes any material which - (a) consists of or includes human cells,
    (b) is intended to be removed, from the human body,
    (c) is intended to be used for the purpose of transplantation, and
    (d) is not of a kind excepted under subsection (7), where reward is received by a person for the supply of material.

    (7) The following kind of material are excepted - (a) gametes, and
    (b) embryos.

    (8) In this section - “product” means any material that resides within a living person;
    “transaction” means the exchange of the product for the reward;
    “vendor” means a person who is selling their product;
    “gifted vendor” means the recipient of product as a gift through a will;
    “user” means a person who is purchasing the product from the vendor;
    “reward” means any description of financial or other material advantage.


    Capitalism Beyond The Gravity Well

    With the knowledge that the earth contains a finite amount of resources, the search for alternative sources is vitally important to the preservation and sustained development of humanity. When all else fails on earth, look to the stars.

    The sheer magnitude of resources on Near Earth Asteroids is almost unfathomable. NASA estimates that the value of the entire asteroid belt is in the region of $700 quintillion, over 9 million times larger than the Gross World Product.

    Mineral exportation is essential to the growth and stability of developing countries but in a future where resources could be gathered extra-terrestrially, these countries would suffer greatly whilst developed countries with investments in asteroid mining would flourish, further dividing nations and pushing more of the global population into poverty.

    It is not acceptable that through technological advancement and economic domination, we regress on a humanitarian level. It is essential then that when we look to the stars for answers, we remember that we are all share this warm, wet orb floating in the cold abyss of space and so it is imperative that we unify as a planet to improve the lives of all that inhabit it, and not just exploit one another through a system of power, control and greed, devoid of compassion.


    Aesthetic (an)aesthetic

    Our lives are becoming increasingly controlled by political agenda. In order for governments to anaesthetise society's awareness of this control, new forms of distraction are created through the mainstream media and misinformation. The methods that government now employ are so subtle that they often go unnoticed.

    Objects of Control explores these discrattionary methods of control through form and material manipulation, using the power of beauty as an anaesthetising tool. It speculates and discusses a future where tangible objects are used to control members of society.


    V won't leave his room

    I am thinking back to two and half years ago.

    V was awake for three days and two nights. The residue of his experience was sticky. It's oiliness lingered, on his fingers. Inside my fingers.

    I was sitting on my bed in the darkened attic room of a Victorian townhouse in the North of England when I first thought of him. His thoughts were distinct - fast but quiet. I felt his core vibrate with nervous anticipation. He would be trapped in a cell of my own making.

    The house was comprised of three floors of

    recently renovated 1

    student apartments, constructed by a cash hungry estate agent enjoying the bounties of unsuspecting young adults with large loans and little guidance. I had spent the past year living in the bottom apartment and now I was in the top. The view to the local bar strip, where tired twentysomethings walked home on mornings after long nights, coloured my cigarette and coffee rituals.

    It was still winter. The sky was an endless ice blue and the air was sharp.

    I remember how he felt on deciding to wake up for the first time. His thoughts were fast but quiet. His core vibrated with nervous anticipation. He was trapped in a cell of my own making, with rules I was enforcing and boundaries I built. His feelings however were distinctly his.

    (1) A term used by estate agents to justify a new vinyl floor and IKEA kitchen for 40% higher rent.

    05.16 - 10.18